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Boddle Premium Unlock next-level growth with Boddle Premium
$9.99/mo paid monthly
$5.83/mo $69.99 paid yearly

More Reasons to Unlock a Membership

Help your child develop a growth mindset.
With more opportunities to level-up, they’ll love math time
Promote healthy screentime.
It’s no secret that kids love screentime, so let’s make it worth their while
Explore and master more math skills.
The more your child engages with the premium features, the more opportunities to practice and master math
Discover exclusive, customizable items/outfits.
They’ll love exploring their creative side as they make their Boddle world their own.
Unlock the Premium Battle Pass.
What’s a Battle Pass? It’s an awesome reward system for leveling up and playing the game

What parents like about Boddle?

I started using Boddle at the kindergarten level with my son who is finishing up preschool. With the game based approach, instant feedback, and option to design his own character, it keeps my little one engaged! Even though he is working a bit above his grade level, Boddle uses AI to tailor content that is just right for him so I know he is learning!
Whitney, OH
The best part is that my son doesn't get frustrated. With other programs, he'd quit from being overwhelmed by questions he can't answer. That never happened with Boddle!
Bethany, MO
My 9 year old son loves the daily challenges, the variety of mini games, earning coins, and how you can personalize your character. I love how he is excited about math and that the program adapts the questions to meet him at his learning level.
Casey, MA

Amazing Benefits of Boddle for Your Family

Thousands of Math Questions and Learning Tools With high quality curriculum created by expert educators. Your child has access to incredible features including:
Full standards-aligned K-6 grade curriculum
Instructional videos help teach complex math concepts
Text-to-speech features to helps read out difficult words
A Parent Portal to Track Progress Your one-stop-shop for progress monitoring that allows you to:
Celebrate growth and view progress
Identify specific learning gaps
Encourage practice by creating assignments
An AI that Meets Your Child Where they Are Regardless of if they are behind in math or need something more challenging, Boddle helps your child:
Tackle unfinished learning
Build foundational skills
Explore new math concepts as they master skills
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